Saturday, November 30, 2013

Claire's black eye

Its a doozy! We were rough housing and she bonked her eye right on the corner of the toy box. God was definitely watching out for her as a little to the left it would be her temple and a little to the right it would have been her eye. Thankfully all it was bruising. 

The Shed

Here's the story of Dave's shed. We had talked about putting in a shed this summer but had decided to hold off as we just ran out of time. I decided to get Dave his shed for our 9 year anniversary. It was quite an undertaking with lots of people helping me. Thankfully I knew exactly what he wanted and knew where we were planning on getting it or there would be no way I could have pulled it off.

The back story is that Dave was invited to a bachelor party in SunRiver for the weekend. Initially he wasn't going to go for the entire time and was planning on coming home early. I needed him to be gone so Steve had plenty of time to get the shed done. I asked Mike and Sean to get Dave to carpool with them to ensure he would stay. He ended up driving himself but the guys helped me convince him to stay till Sunday.

In Portland there is a company that sells shed kits. They have the best price around and it included everything but the paint. So now how to get the kit and build all without Dave knowing. 

Brian helped me bringing our trailer into town (its stored at his property since we don't have the room here). The guys at Shur-Way helped by strapping it all down for me. They were throughly impressed with the number of straps and tie downs I brought with me. That baby wasn't going anywhere. Vonda took the girls for me so I could just run up to Portland super quick and run back. No bathroom stops, no lunch breaks. Up and and back.

Next was to have Steve come over Saturday to get the shed up. He ended up getting delayed and didn't get started till the mid afternoon, but made good progress.

At it again first thing Sunday morning. Moving right along.

Walls up and working on the roof when Dave got home on Sunday afternoon. It wasn't quite finished but still a surprise. Dave helped finish the roof and Steve came back a few weeks later to finish the rest.

Ta da! It turned out great. Now to figure out the color. This is going to take FOREVER! We are painting the house next summer and would like the shed to match the house. Essentially we are picking our house color. It really shouldn't be this hard. Thankfully we were able to get a coat of primer on it before it started raining. But how long do we have to look at this?

Which one? Hmmm? Decisions, decisions……

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grass Part 3

Once the grass started growing it really took off. In fact, it would change from morning to evening. If you had time laspe photos it would be really cool to see the changes. Dave was concerned that we planted too late as we had a really wet cool September. Although it wasn't ideal weather I think that next summer the grass will look AWESOME!! On to the next project.


Evening (of the SAME DAY!)

1 Week

Gotta love baby grass sprouts

Coming in great!

Its first cut (4 weeks)