Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch and are spending our last days as a family of three. It is a little surreal and honestly makes me a little sad as it will forever be different, but excited for the next leg of our journey as Team Hicks.

Here a few pictures of Claire to hold you over till I can get time to bombard you with pictures of Laureli :)

Silly faces

Just chillin in the car

Dr Claire

Huge chair at the AC Gilbert House

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Impromptu Mini Bathroom Remodel

The Sunday before Christmas as we were getting ready for church, Dave noticed our master bathroom toilet was leaking. After ripping the toilet, the tile and the sub-floor out it was apparent it had been leaking for sometime. Oh Great! (dripping with sarcasm)! 

We had already talked about remodeling the bathroom down the road, as I wasn't crazy about the floors or counter tops and neither one of us wanted the big jacuzzi tub, but that was a few years off. 

Fast forward seven weeks later, it is finished. New floors and a new toilet! Dave did a awesome job!

I still like to paint and replace the light fixtures, faucets and hardware (towel bar, toilet paper holder, etc.). That will have to wait till after Laureli is here and her hospital bill is paid for. Ugg! I am not looking forward to that one. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Laureli update

Here we are at 37 weeks and I am DONE! 18 days to go and I am tired, uncomfortable and anxious. This pregnancy is so different then with Claire. Not good or bad just different. With Claire it was summer time and hot. I had gained 50+ pounds, had a ton of water weight and had fat swollen feet. 

With Laureli on the other hand, I've only gained 20 pounds (YEAH!!), between the daily blood thinner and low amniotic fluid I have had lots of doctors appointments. The great news is Laureli is doing great. The non-stress tests and ultra sounds have shown that she is growing and moving around exactly as she should be. Part of me just wants the doctors to go ahead and take her (I have to have a c-section anyway) so I can stop worrying, but I know each week is important; the longer the better. March 1st is right around the corner and can't get here soon enough. 
37 Weeks

 32 weeks

What difference in just five weeks!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Field Trip

Claire's preschool took a field trip the National Guard airbase here in Salem thanks to a classmate who's daddy is serving in the National Guard. They got to spend the morning playing (literally climbing in, pushing buttons and pulling all sorts of levers) in blackhawk helicopter. It was so much fun and the kiddos had a blast. Sergeant Sparks (Adelyn's daddy) was explaining to us that it cost roughly $20 million dollars to equip just one helicopter. WOW! 

Sorry, I only have a few blurry photos from my phone.  

Claire and Sydney

Class picture

Trying out the 5 pt harness seatbelt