Sunday, May 10, 2015


She's so very proud of herself (we are too) and after just a few days was even starting off all on her own. Thanks to Uncle Sean working with her over spring break, otherwise this frustrated mama would still have her on training wheels.

Off she goes :)

First crash!  She was fine. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Break '15

We had a fun, but busy spring break this year. Half the week spent at Grandma Dee and Dan's newly built home at the beach. The other half spent in Sunriver with friends.

Flying our kite like a pro

Oreo's and milk

Someone likes to sleep with big sister

Tucker taking a swim in the Columbia

Lots of climbing and exploring the rocks. So fun!

Just a few pictures from Sunriver. We were too busy riding our bikes, swimming, hiking and having fun! Claire did learn to ride her bike with NO TRAINING wheels!! So proud of her! Thank you Uncle Sean for helping her. You're the best!!

Oops! Its May!

Sorry grandma's! I totally dropped the ball. Here's a few pics of our cuties.

Laurel's 2nd Birthday!! Kitty themed of course!

Birthday Girl

Her super cute birthday invitations

Meow cupcakes. Claire pretty much made them herself. 

Decorated kitty masks for everyone

Ta da!

No birthday would be complete without tripping (with your hands in your pockets) onto the concrete Bonked head, fat lip and scrapped up nose :(